Visovac destination

The island of Visovac is located in the middle of the Krka River lake and is one of Croatia's most important natural and cultural attractions. Throughout its turbulent history, the island of Visovac has been and still is known as an island of peace and prayer, and due to the catholic blessing of the Mother of God, it also bears the name of Gospin otok ("Island of the Lady of the Lord"). It is a place of peace, prayer and spiritual blessing. Our Lady is the central shrine to the Virgin Mary, and it is believed that it was brought to the island from Bosnia by the Franciscans fleeing from the Turkish invasion. On the island, the Franciscans built the Visovac Monastery and the Church of Our Lady of Grace, places of uninterrupted peace which are in a unique fusion with the natural beauty of the Lake Visovac. In the monastery, there is a museum where you can learn more about the religious and cultural activities of the Franciscans. Its rich library contains several incunabula, a collection of the ancient church vestments, a significant archaeological collection, etc. It is no wonder that pilgrims love to visit and return to this place of culture, history and spirituality.