Šibenik destination

Šibenik is one of 9 Croatian towns to be awarded the "City for Youth" certificate. The three-year certificate is valid until 2024 and reflects the commitment to raising the quality of life of young people and children in this city. The city offers a wealth of amenities, thus it certainly deserves to be recognised as being adapted to the lifestyle and needs of all, including young people.

What to visit in Šibenik?


A well-known place for film buffs, Cinerstar Šibenik is popular among fans of the seventh art, who can enjoy a variety of films throughout the year.


In summer, those who are passionate about water adventures will enjoy the wide range of activities offered by the Šibenik Aquapark. This water park is the first such project in the heart of Dalmatia and since its opening it has been delighting visitors of all ages.

St. Ante Promenade

Although it is not yet so well-known, this is certainly one of the things that you should put on your list when visiting Šibenik. St. Ante Promenade is 4 km long and offers a splendid panoramic view of the city of Šibenik and the Šibenik archipelago. The promenade connects the bay of Paninkovac to the islet of Školjić, just in front of the St. Nicholas' Fortress. You won't regret taking an evening stroll along the promenade, when the solar lights create a special atmosphere.